Welcome to KKP Healthcare


KKP HEALTHCARE is a pharmaceutical distribution company having registered office at Ahmedabad Gujarat. The company manufactures and markets the pharmaceutical products in India which are WHO GMP certified. We are providing high standard products in minimum price and we are not ready to compromise in quality makes us different from competitors.

Our store rooms are well equipped and the temperature is controlled to ensure the quality of the medicine. We value our customers a lot and all our Aim is to provide best service for complete customer satisfaction.

We are also in search to provide other services in the medical sector  such as Ambulance facility, medical scanning units and so on in the nearby future.


We are committed for high quality, standards based pharmaceutical products to make available for the public in reasonable cost and our concern mainly focusing on well being of the society


Assured quality, reliability best results and good customer relationship,we keep all these in mind every time.


Medicine is very important for living a long life. It is depend upon new technology, people take very easy and quickly also medicine is very quick absorbing to human body. It help to back normal for people in unhealthy condition.
Medicine is the science and practice of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Medicine encompasses a variety of healthcare practices evolved to maintain and restore health by prevention and treatment of illness.
All medicine can prevent incurable diseases.Doctors can find diseases very early. Then doctors can give suitable medicine to patients.Modern medicines and equipments helps doctors to treat in correct way.
Following are the services and advantages to public (patients) through using our medicines.
-> Completely Safe
-> Serve full guaranteed quality products.
-> Does not have side effects.
-> More flexible.
-> protects overall health of your body.
-> Treats the actual cause.
-> Improvement of the quality of life.